Make your Choice

First, you must make your choice on:
- artistic technique;
- the size of the painting or drawing 
- the photograph that seems to you the most representative of your faithful companion

If you have no idea about what you want as support, size or medium, etc ... fell free to contact me. I am at your disposal to give you my advice.

What do I need to realize a painting or a drawing?

I work from a photograph of good quality and with much detail: hair color, visible eyes, etc ...
I can advise you to choose the photograph which best suited for the realization of a painting or drawing.

I have a library of several thousand photographs. Enough to satisfy most requests. Depending on the animal you want, I can offer you different models.
You noticed a photograph of a photographer.
I can load me to contact the photographer in question to resolve image copyright and negotiate with him his remuneration.
I never work on a photographic  without having the written agreement of the photographer.


After you stop your choice on an achievement or a sketch that I have sent you :
I send you an order form in duplicate by mail.
One copy is signed me back with "good for agreement" accompanied by a deposit of 30%.
Throughout the creative process, I send you by email photographs on the evolution of your work.
When the work is finished, I send you a photograph for approval
The balance of payment is payable at the time.
Then we then agree on a delivery date.

You have the option to pay by :
  • Check (for France only)
  • PAYPAL, reliable payment, secure (France and all countries in the World)
  • by Credit Card (via Paypal)
  • by Bank Transfer (For abroad, payment is considered effective after notification from my bank and cashing of past times)

Completion Times

  • They are in principle 2 to 3 months after your order placed (this may vary depending on current orders). If you want to offer an oil painting for a birthday or other, you have to be ordered months in advance (because the deadlines, add the drying time of oil and varnish) . Feel free to contact me to learn more.

  • They are in principle 2 to 3 weeks after your order placed (this may vary depending on current orders). Feel free to contact me to learn more.


  • By carrier. Transport insurance is free.
  • All my paintings are shipped in wooden crates, or solid containers, ensuring transportation.
  • There is no charge for the realization of the packaging.

For France only, shipping is Free. For other countries more information