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DRAWING COMMISSION with Woodcock Feather


Only in France
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  • How to order your pet's painting? It's very simple, just contact the artist. She will give you all the information you need to order an oil painting. She will tell you how to proceed. At first, you can send her photos and she will tell you which one she thinks is the best to make a painting. Some elements can be modified, others added to give the best possible result.
  • Can I order a painting even if I don't live in the same area as the artist? Of course you can. Thanks to the Internet and the telephone, everything can be done remotely.

  • Can I pay in installments? Yes, you can pay for your order in installments. In principle, the payment is made in two steps with a deposit of 30% at the time of the order and the balance when the painting is finished. But, you can also, if you wish, pay in 4 times with Paypal where a payment in 4 times is possible (see the terms)

  • How long does it take to complete an oil painting? The realization of an oil painting requires time. A time for the realization in several thin layers of paint. A time for the paint to dry well and a time for the varnish to dry thoroughly. This can take several months. This technical constraint is absolutely necessary. It cannot be ignored. The deadlines also take into account the orders in progress. In principle, the artist works on several paintings at the same time. She works on one while waiting for another to dry. As you can see, becoming the proud owner of a painting requires patience.

  • Will I be kept informed of the progress of my order? Yes, throughout the realization of your oil painting, the artist sends you by e-mail photos of the progress. You will be able to see the progress of your order.

  • How does the delivery happen? Once your painting is finished, Laurence Saunois organizes the delivery by setting a date that suits you. She will make the wooden crate that will protect your painting and will contact the carrier. You will then receive your painting as soon as possible.

Laurence Saunois is a realistic or even hyper-realistic animal painter. Her oil paintings are studied to emphasize her subjects, a symbol. Often behind each painting, there is a story: an encounter, an observation, a moment of emotion.
If you wish to take home a part of her universe, do not hesitate to contact her. She will be happy to guide you and inform you about any specific order.

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