Art contributes to happiness!

    "I believe that artistic creation is essential to happiness and personal development for all. This is why I create artworks related to nature in order to connect people to the natural world that surrounds them. Each one is unique and each one will connect you in some way to the serenity and tranquility of the animal or plant kingdom. To adopt one of my works in your home is to adopt a way of seeing life through art". Laurence Saunois

    Laurence Saunois remains at your disposal to bring you the best possible advice.Ask your questions directly to the artist
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    Who is Laurence Saunois, internationally renowned artist and winner of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year

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    Laurence SAUNOIS, Artiste
    1060 Route de la Tour Nègre - Jammary
    46100 FIGEAC - FRANCE 
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