To order a Wildlife drawing or painting 


As you may have gathered, I do pet commissions, but do I do drawings or paintings of wild animals. The answer is yes. There are some differences nevertheless: on the reference photography, on the compositions, on the prices too. Here are some elements of answer.

 - What photographic reference for a drawing or painting of a wild animal?

You want to have an artwork that represents your favorite wild animal but you don't have any photographs. That's not a problem. I have a large photo library that allows me to make a lot of animals: felines, birds from our gardens, insects etc.
And if I don't have in stock what you want, I can do some research with specialized animal photographers, contact them to know if I can use one of their photographs as a reference. If the photographer accepts, I make a contract of transfer of right to the image to frame his remuneration and the use of his photography. I do not use photographs taken on the net without the agreement of the photographer(s). Some artists do it. I do not. It is a question of respect for the work of others. Indeed, it's never nice to see your work used without permission.
You may also have spotted a photograph on the internet that you like. In this case, it's the same thing. I make researches to know its author and I take care of the rights to the image.

 - Which composition for a drawing or a painting of a wild animal?

As with a pet, composition is paramount in the making of an artwork. Almost anything is possible. It can be a tight portrait, a wider portrait, the animal in its environment, etc. on a square, horizontal or vertical format, from miniature to XXL. I will make you several proposals so that you can make your choice.

- How much does it cost to make a drawing or a painting of a wild animal?

The rates for the realization of a wild animal are higher than for pets. There are several reasons for this:
- As you have seen in the previous answers, there is the search for the reference photograph and the possible payment of a photographer, but also the research of compositions.
- Another reason is that I am represented by galleries in the United States and in France and that my rates (excluding pets) must be aligned with gallery prices. I have to keep my prices consistent with my clients and collectors who have already purchased some of my artwork at a certain price. That's what makes the price of an artist outside auction houses

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