"L'empereur d'Orient"

Huile sur toile
80 cm x 210 cm 

Peintre animalier

Laurence Saunois est peintre animalier. Elle peint des animaux sauvages, des oiseaux, des chiens de chasse, des grands singes.

My Universe, Directly inspired by Nature


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about this project Hommage à Claude Monet and the artwork that makes it up.


It measures only 6.4 cm x 8.9 cm and yet it has all the makings of a big one!


In search of light by mixing white and color on a black background


Unique! Drawing with the feather of a mythical bird: the woodcock.


Where to see my artwork in France and in the world.
Nature, animals and good environmental practices are the cornerstones of her life and work.
"Painter, sculptor, drawer and in my spare time, photographer, I find my happiness in the nature that surrounds me. All animals, wild or domestic, small or large, known or less known deserve to be seen. Nature is a wonderful playground for my artist's eye and it is through my works and through multiple pictorial techniques that I wish to make you discover it".

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