Woodcock feather

Attention !  Je n'achète pas les plumes du peintre.

Les plumes du peintre ayant servi à la réalisation de mes dessins m'ont été offertes. En effet, l'ONCFS précise que "le décret du 25 novembre 1977 interdit le colportage, la mise en vente, la vente ou l'achat qu'ils soient vivants ou morts, des spécimens - bécasse des bois (Scolopax rusticola)" et que la bécasse ne figure pas dans "la liste des oiseaux pouvant faire l''objet d'un commerce (...) prévue dans l'arrêté ministériel du 20 décembre 1983"

La Plume du Peintre (The woodcock feather)

The pen of the painter comes from the wing of the woodcock. It's a small sharp pen shaped spearhead, flexible and rigid at a time. It is also called brush or surrémige. In the Middle Ages it was used to achieve the illuminations.
Each feather is unique in the way we behave. You have to adapt to each one. We must "feel" its orientations, its inclinations because it leaves no room for error. Because of its fragility, each feather is no reason to make a restrainte surface of a drawing. Under each work done, or you will find the feathers used in the making of the work.

Le Plumeau du Peintre

The painter's duster also comes from the woodcock. It is located above the woodcock's rump. It allows the artist to make special effects by loading it with pigments.

Les Jolités du Musée de Spa

Jolité de la ville de Spa

Some of the spa's Jolités were made with the painter's pen. (Example in illustration)

Mainly in the 16th and 17th centuries, so for more than four centuries, the expression "Jolité de Spa" refers to a very large number of wooden objects of Spa, decorated in various ways, having been manufactured, for the most part, in the various factories of the city. Illustrious artists have contributed to the development of this typically Spadish art craft.

The objects concerned are clothes brushes, gussets and hearth brushes, grommets but also fans, jewelry boxes, sewing or work boxes, glove boxes, tea boxes, playing card boxes, token boxes, watch holders, cups, cases, frames, writing desks, snuff boxes... Many representative works have been presented at the various international exhibitions.

Since 2008, the expression "Jolités de Spa" is officially a registered trademark, under the registration number 0850738, by the commune of Spa, which has granted its use to the non-profit association (ASBL) Manufacture des Boîtes et Jolités de Spa.

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